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Released in November 1993. This game is developed by ASK Kodansha and published by Activision.

Alien vs. Predator: The Last Of His Clan for the 'Original' Nintendo Gameboy system(Black White Monochrome).

This video shows the Credits and Introduction with a Background story.

Video is encoded with H.264 AVC @ 2000 KBPS and 800 x 720 resolution (retains the original aspect ratio from the original resolution of 160 x 144) and is HD supported. AAC Audio @ 160 KBPS and 44 KHZ (Original Game Audio)

Misc. Notes regarding gameplay:

  • You cannot save your game in Progress. The game consists of 7 Stages.
  • You can NEVER heal in this game. There are no Healing items.
  • You will NEVER die simply from 1 hit from ANY enemy or ANY environmental hazard.
  • You can never fall to your death. You do not take any type of falling damage.
  • Alien Warriors are unlimited, they have Fixed Re-spawn points.
  • You start Only with 3 Lives Total with 2 being extra, no Continues are granted
  • There are no Difficulty settings or any other game options for this game.


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